Friday, December 19, 2008

Just a thought

Initially when I had joined this new office, I used to see people playing Nintendo in club-chai, occasionally a round of UNO or a carom. And it used o feel nice. A friendly open environment, a perfect balance between work and fun!
Today, as I looked around in the office, I found very few people busy working. Some were busy playing computer games, some were watching movies on u-tube, and some were just chatting. But it did not feel nice. It felt scary. Very very scary. Games were not fun. Work was. It was a sign that not enough work is flowing in. It meant not enough business, not enough revenue. It meant recession that could cost us our jobs!

And this may mean different to different people. To some it may just mean finding another job. To some it may mean a willing break and a fresh start. To some it may mean a temporary turbulence while to some it may mean a dead-end.
Multi-faceted person may be able to find alternatives and means of survival. But those who are not may just lose their minds. What if a person is a sole bread earner of the family? A long list of expenses would keep scrolling through their minds; school fees, EMIs, monthly expenses etc.

What would it mean to me? Will this happen to me? It may not. It might. There is a natural tendency to think that severely bad things always happen to other people. But this time it is at my doorstep. I might lose a job anytime. I might get shot by a terrorist anytime. I might lose my money anytime. It is scary. Very very scary!
What if I lose my job TODAY?
Ok. I have enough savings to pay my EMI for next 6 months. I can cut down on expenses. I will start finding another job or worse case, I will think of going back to my previous employer. People around me may think of me as a loser. But there is a say in Hindi: Sar salamat to pagdi pachas...

Thoughts went on and on…
What is the root of all these sudden problems? Till some months back, everything was alright। Economy was booming, careers were stable and growing, lot of employment opportunities were available and youth were optimistic, we had recovered and forgotten the past terror attacks in Mumbai…everything was so smooth। Life was set.

And one day, suddenly a stock market crashed। The world woke up from a dream.
Big companies were bankrupt. People were jobless.

Isn’t it all about money? What if there was no money? I mean, money is such a man-made thing. And if it is man-made, why can’t we just make some more? Why is it a controlling factor or it would not be an exaggeration if I say the only controlling factor in man’s life? What if there was no money and only a barter system? No one would be superior or inferior. Everyone would be the best at the core skill. One would not require being the master of all. No one would have the ego that he/she can buy everything in the world. Everyone would take pride in what they do. A farmer, a cobbler, a fisherman, a craftsman, a teacher, everyone would be equally important and equally unique.

But who has made this damn ‘Money’ so important? I remember times when I used to spend the entire month in just 100 rupees. Sometimes I used to have just 10 rupees in my pocket and I never bothered. Needs were minimum. I never bothered about branded cloths, never felt the need of staying connected to the world 24X7 on the mobile, never worried about “weekend” plans, yet I was so happy and content.
Why? I was very happy with my basics. I was not materialistic.
Whether one accepts or denies, the fact does not change. We have become materialistic. By ’We’, I mean everyone except few exceptions who are truly busy in paying back to the society.

Can we make this demon called ‘money’ less important? Can we go back to basics and find that peace and harmony? Can we discover ourselves in the light of ‘Nothing’?

Just get out of the house one day, without a cell phone, and with just a minimum amount in the pocket…just get out of the trap with a mind, completely uncovered.

Just a thought!

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