Monday, December 1, 2008

अस्वस्थ : २६ नोवेम्बर २००८ मुंबई ताज हल्ल्यानंतर

I can't describe the feeling. anger, helplessness, fear, insecurity, frustration...I felt like going on the top of the mountain and scream. as loud as one can. Everyone is ahead in the competition of blaming the politicians. But are they the only ones to blame? As citizens of india, aren't we equally responsible? we can't change the system just by criticizing the politicians. We are the system. do we ask ourselves even a single question while bribing the traffic police? while bribing the school management for admissions? How much interested are we in voting? Who elects the politicians? Do we have guts to stand up and work for people? don't stand for elections but do we even think of joining a political party and work for our areas/people?
Most of us are just interested in the secure jobs, enough savings, safety of our near and dear ones, good weekends, reasonably presentable houses and maybe a four wheeler at the door..that's all. No one even realizes their duties or wants to go out of way (a liitle not much!) to contribute towards Nation. No one is vigillent enough to look around and report the suspicious. "Hamko kya karna hai? police bhi kya karegi? sab corrupt hai..." these are the ways we have conviniently found to skip the duties.
We can have big long debates about global warming but can't cut down on electricity. Power cuts in Mumbai? How dare you talk about it?
We can blame the BMC for the dirty and unhieginic city but easily forgive ourselves for throwing a piece of paper on road.
We need everything. But we are not ready to pay for it. We are not ready to sacrify even a 0.1 percent of our selfishness for that.
Only paying incometax is not enough. we have to take pride in being indians. We have to take pride in refusing short cuts for long term goals. Once in a year we donate an amount to some charity and feel that we have right to comment on ananrchy in the society, the government, the police department and everything on the earth. This needs to break. until then we would not find solutions to our problems. Future generations will never forgive us for we are going to give them only warming, terrorism, scarcity, and a cruel brutal selfish world.
We have to stop denying our duties. We have to leave the negative attitude that keeps imposing "kuch nahi ho sakta. kuch nahi hoga". The fact is that 'hum kuch karna chahte hi nahi'.

Take pride in being an Indian. Start doing the right thing, morally, ethically. Contribute your bit. "Kya hua agar koi law nahi obey karta..mai karunga. Kya hua agar mera kam hone me der lagi..I will wait but not bribe." Why can't we take these stands? Atleast the modern educated youth can do this. Jab har koi karega to sab karenge.
Stop blaming. start acting.

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